Opening Prayer 11 April 2017

As the wind cannot be seen

We cannot look at your face, Lord God

For it glory is too dazzling for us

Its light is blinding, hurting our eyes

we turn away


As the wind cannot be curbed

you cannot be limited, Son of David

to a time or place

to a people or culture

we welcome you, with hosannas

with joy and adoration

for we can look upon your face

the face of God incarnate

the one who comes in the name of the Lord


As the wind cannot be stopped

you cannot be tamed, Holy Spirit

blowing gently, warm comfort into the world

blowing harshly, destroying structures in hearts and minds which limit God’s power and love

Like the wind, we try to keep you at bay, breath of God

closing the doors of our hearts to your guiding, challenging

yet turning to you when we need powered for our own ends, to meet our own desires

So, when we ask your wind to come sweeping through us, do we really mean it?

Do we?


Come, Lord God

enter deeply our hearts and minds and souls

may we truly allow your Spirit, your Word to shape and guide us

That as we follow Jesus to the cross

we will remain faithful to him

neither turning away nor condemning him

knowing we will turn away in horror, in sadness, in pain

in the knowledge there are times we have been robbers, rather than prayerful people in your house

knowing we have been like the priests and teacher of the law, rather than the children who praise you as the Son of David


May we know we are forgiven

may we be willing to be taken where the Wind of the Holy Spirit takes us

for the sake of the one who held nothing back from us