Thanksgiving and intercession prayer 18 July 2021

Gracious God

Father and Mother of us all

we thank you for art and science

for theatre and music

for leisure and family

for opportunities to serve and to be served

for families and friends

for those who you call us to seek, and draw alongside

for Jesus and the path of righteousness he calls us on

for the Spirit, bringing comfort and challenge, as we pursue your kingdom

and your will on earth as in heaven

Heavenly One

King above all earthly realms

assist us to follow the Way of our true King, turning from the patterns of the world which do not bring about love

as you challenge and support in this endeavour

we bring before our prayers of concern for others and the world

for those yet to be vaccinated, especially those working in public facing roles

protect them from harm, we pray

for struggling businesses, concerned for the future

for those still on furlough, wondering if they will ever go back to work

for GP surgeries, stretched to the limit

for the anxious and depressed

surround them with your love, we pray

for government ministers and their advisors

for public servants

for policy makers and policy implementers

we pray your guidance upon them

for those who long for a return to normal

for those who worried what that might mean

for those who feel abandoned and forgotten

we pray for patience and understanding

for those in countries where access to vaccines are only for the very wealthy

we pray our government may be generous, looking beyond our borders to tackle this global pandemic

for those who long to know Jesus

but to its shame, the attitude of those within the church puts them off

we pray they will keep seeking your love and care

for those people, places and situations which are on our mind, and in our heart, this day

we pray

and offer them to you in the quiet of this place


accept all these prayers, offered with humble hearts,

through Christ Jesus