Approach and confession prayer 11 September 2022

Glory to God

glory to God

glory to God

in the highest


who is our Creator, Redeemer, Sustainer

the very breath of life

in all things

greatly to be praised is God

and God’s Holy Name

The Holy One of God is here

the spirit

moving within and around us

stirring us to worship

stirring us to adoration

which we offer at the throne of grace

seeking not for perfect words

or melody

but hearts turned in love

towards the One by whom we have gathered

offering our whole selves

at The feet of the One who brings good news

how wonderful it is we can come

come as we are

into God’s presence today

As we gather in that presence

we pause

reflecting that we’re far from the perfection

Christ calls us to

we, in a moment of quiet

bring our confessions into this place


just as Jesus showed nothing

not even death

can overcome God’s love

know, no matter what you’re failures

you are forgiven

So rejoice

be glad

in that knowledge

as we worship God today