Approach and confession prayer 8 October 2017

Lord God

Beyond our imagination

beyond what our wildest dreams

Ruler of space and time

King of heaven

Lord of earth

Humbly we bow before your presence

bowing before the one who has done everything for us

from speaking the words which made the very stars, the dust of which we are from

to bringing us safe here today

that we may worship together

May our prayers, our words, our songs be acceptable in your sight, Lord God

may they blend with all creation

in adoration, deep rooted devotion

to the God who made all heaven and earth

to the God who planted us here

cleared the stones of doubt and fear

surrounded us with a protective wall of love

that we may bear good fruit

divinely blessed fruit

to you glory and honour, Redeeming Lord

Though much care has been taken with us

the fruit we produce is not always good fruit

we are envious




we fail to strive for justice in our land

we lack righteousness in our lives

with all our sinful ways, why do you not give up on us, Lord God

Because you are a patient, loving God

who forgives us of these and the plethora of ways in which we have sinned against one another

and against you

May we know we are truly forgiven

admonished from all wrongdoing

through the saving Grace of Jesus Christ our Lord