Thanksgiving and intercession 8 January 2017

Let us give thanks to God

For all we have comes from God

our very beings, the breath of life within us

the pastures he leads us towards

the cool, cool waters he offers our souls as refreshment when we are parched

Our baptism, through which we were claimed as God’s beloved children

a baptism we are blessed to share with millions throughout this world

a baptism which unites us to one another

through Jesus Christ our Lord

Baptised Christ

we give thanks for all who have been baptised in this place, who were welcomed into the church

we pray they will know that welcome wherever they may be

whatever journey through life they may take

May the Holy Spirit rest upon them and may they know they are your beloved child, with whom you are well pleased

Servant King

we praise you that, when you came a king

it was not in a royal palace, but a stable

you came as a king, not marching with an army to fight

but came to show and find light in the shadowy places

you came as a king, but did not use power over your cousin John

but trusted him to lower you into the waters of baptism

Help us to live as you taught

in humility

in peace

in love

that in so doing, those who are humiliated through poverty

may be lifted up

those who are degraded through violence

may be lifted up

those who are overshadowed with grief

may be lifted up

those who are scorched with pain

may be lifted up

cleansed, renewed, loved

into wholeness of body, mind and soul

and know they are truly children of God