Approach and confession prayer 10 March 2019

Living God

Draw near to us

as we draw near to you

fill us with you Word

the Word which you breathed into Adam at the birth of humanity

that same Word you spoke to prophets and Kings

which descended onto earth incarnate

as Jesus Christ, our Lord

the Word made flesh

living alongside us

coming to be with us

to eat and drink with us

to share our joy and pain

our sorrow and delights

may that Word be in our hearts and on our mouths this day

may if fill us with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord

as the waters cover the sea

fill us so full with belief in Jesus as Lord

it pours forth from us

to bring refreshment to parched ground

as soft rain is a welcome sight on dry fields

so too is the Word of the Lord welcome here

in our praise and prayers

in our hearts and on our minds

may we, once more, recall the wondrous deeds of the Lord

where we recall, through faith in our risen Lord

we can never be put to shame

we can never be separated from the Love of God

that love which claims us, forgives us and makes it its own

that in and through love we may be true vessels of the living Word

Jesus Christ our Lord, Saviour and friend

in whom we believe

whom we proclaim

whom we follow

this day and foevermore