Approach and confession prayer 7 May 2023

A mighty Fortress is our God

set high on the mountain

for the whole earth to see

from where our aid comes

the powers of earth

the depths of Sheol

cannot escape God’s protection

made known in God the Son

who endured death

that we might receive life

that we might know Love

Love revealed on the throne

which was a cross

that throne

we bow before today

in awe and wonder

at this Majesty

who reigns and lives now and forever

in supplication

we offer our gifts

our money, our skills, our time

our prayers, our songs, our worship

our hearts, our minds, our souls

humbly offering them to our King and Saviour

with deep joy and willing hearts

trusting in God’s never-ending goodness to us

where a place is prepared for us

by Jesus

who will take us to be with him

in our eternal homes

Eternal One

you are our sovereign

the crowned head

of our lives

as we approach you

to bring our adoration

we know we need to bring our repentance too

for we have sinned in word and thought and deed

individually and in common with others

because of this

we could be excluded from your majestic presence


but, in your great mercy

you offer forgiveness

receive that forgiveness, and sin no more

for the sake of Jesus’ Way

Christ’s kingdom

God’s glory and honour

now and always