Approach and confession prayer 21 August 2022

Praise the Lord

Worship God’s holy Name

Bring adoration before the throne of grace


take shelter

in God today

sing acclaim to the One

who brought forth mountains

who nurtures the tender vine

who is Creator, Redeemer, Sustainer

this is the God we know

revealed in Christ Jesus

whose name we gather in today

a name above all names

greatly is that name to be praised


as we praise your name

as we bring our prayers, our songs, ourselves

before you today

seeking more and more to know your will for us

individually and as church

remind us

we are delivered

set free

released from all which burdens us

our worries

our troubles

our sins

all of which we humbly confess

in a moment of quiet



God knows you

even before you were born

God knew you

loves you

and, in that love, forgives you

receive that forgiveness

straighten up

and praise God

today and always