Approach and confession prayer 20 August 2017

May all people praise you, Lord God

May all the nations be glad and sing your praises, Heavenly Father

May everyone born bow in adoration, Christ Jesus

Bow in adoration, for you are God and God alone

May all the people praise you, Lord God

Praise you in their work

Praise you in their leisure

Praise you in their rest

Evermore, praise you

We add our voices in the praise of you Lord God

the praise which extends from highest heaven to deepest depths

the praise which blends across cultures, across divides, across very time and space

into a beautiful melody of worship of our Lord and King

this song we join with stretched beyond our imagination, stretches beyond our understanding

for why do you require our feeble praise, Lord God

why do you need our limited worship, Christ Jesus

why do you want our insufficient reverence, Holy Ghost?

For how can that which we bring this hour be an adequate offering to bring to your throne?

We, who are imperfect people

we, who have exuded others, as they are not like us

we who have wanted to send people away, because they are bothersome

we who have used hurtful names against others

We are the people who come in humility this hour

knowing we have fallen short of you will for us and for your world, Lord God

Knowing, once more, we bow before you, penitent people, truly sorry for all the ways we have sinned in word, thought and deed, against you and against others

May your face shine on us, Christ Jesus, may you be gracious to us and bless us,

we know we are forgiven, once and for all,

and in that knowledge, live as those who are a blessing so all people may praise you, Lord God, Father Son and Holy Spirit, one God, now and forever