Opening prayer 3 April 2016

See the one who is the alpha and omega

the beginning and end of all that was, and is and is yet to be

see the one, the Lord God, seated on his throne, ruler of all the earth

This is our risen Christ

the one who loves us and sets us free

the one who breathes his holy spirit on us

the one who offers his wounds for us to touch and see

that we may know the Christ as our Lord and king

that we may bow, at his throne, in praise and adoration

joining our song with the angels and archangels

with saints and the church throughout the world

in devotion without end

May it be sweet, as the best of honey

may it be luscious, as finest of wines

may it be pleasing, as the select of foods

for we wish our prayers, our words, our songs to be all that is holy and worthy and true

acceptable in your sight our Lord God

for we are your children and our deepest desire is to show our love, for you in all we say and do this hour

accept our worship this hour, bless it by your presence here with us, in your holy spirit

guide our hearts and minds to the joy of knowing our Christ, our Lord comes to us

where doors are locked

because we have betrayed God in thought, word or deed

because we have had doubts, in ourselves and in our faith

because we have been afraid of to tell the world of the great things God has done for it

yet Christ comes into those locked places, when we least expect it

he offers his peace and forgives us anew, calling us to follow him, our Lord, our God