Opening prayer 1 September 2016

Lord God

the knowledge of you, is so hard for us to know

to explain

we struggle to offer expressions which truly, fully describe you and all you have done for the universe

the universe you created and love

the universe you care for and call us to care for too

our images, our descriptions of you are partial

almost childlike in their simplicity

for we are your children,

your loved, precious, beloved children

so we come, without great descriptions of who you are

but in love before you now

for it is impossible to respond to you except in love

for you know our innermost thoughts

our deepest desires

our greatest fears

and we are blessed to know you understand us as no other does

we are blessed that in response to you love

as can come before you now

in worship and praise

before you, trusting in your never ending goodness

confident that our words don’t have to be prefect or fancy

for you see what is written in our hearts

our love, which you long for most

Forgiving Lord

in humbleness, we confess there are times we have failed to love you and love others

we have spoken without through for another’s feelings

we have gossiped about others

we have tried to hide from the things we have done wrong and, in so doing, tried to hide from you

yet you know us, you know each one of our days and you love us so much we are forgiven, now and always in and through Jesus Christ our Lord