Opening prayer 24 July 2016

Lord God

Holy, holy, holy is your name

a name which is above all names

a name which we are invited to share

a name we are blessed to use,

as you are our Father and the Father of all creation

even if we did not speak your praise,

the birds, waves, the very landscape which envelops us utters your glory

your glory which is beyond splendour, beyond words

a glory which dazzles, brighter than the noon day sun

yet you wish for us to talk to you

to speak our deepest desires

our inmost concerns

our secret visions

for us, for this community, for your world

but it can be hard finding the right words, the correct phrases to talk to the one who is all in all

sometimes human words just aren’t enough to express our love, our joy, our sadness, our pain

but you are less concerned by the right words delivered than hearts which long to know you more, to love you move, to follow our saviour and Lord on the way he invites us to follow

so come, Lord God, come through your Holy Spirit this hour

Guide our prayers, our hymns, our thoughts and minds

and cleanse our hearts of all which gets in the way of us truly being with you, in body, mind and soul

all our doubts, concerns, pain, sadness

for ourselves, for those we love, for the world around us

for you hear our prayers, and release us from all our wrong mindedness in and through Jesus Christ our Lord