Thanksgiving and intercession prayer 14 January 2018

Before we were born

Lord God

you knew us

you put us together in our mother’s wombs

and marked our days in your book of life

this is wonderful knowledge

which we cannot thank you enough for

that we are important enough, in your sight, for you

Lord God to list us all individually


No matter where we’ve gone

no matter where we’ll be

you are with us

thank you


In the sure and certain knowledge you guide us

and are with us all the day of our lives

give us the courage to be like Philip

to tell other “Come and see”

Come and See Jesus

to everyone we know how precious they are to you Lord God

that they are loved, valued, important

in your sight

simply for being human

made in your image

created good

Help us to point to the good in each person

even those we struggle with the most

those who are abrasive, intolerant

those who would disdain our faith

those who abuse with words or violence

those who use power to punish rather than serve


All seeing King

you see a world made good

but there is such waste

waste of opportunities

waste of resources

waste of life

teach us to use the opportunities you give us well

the resources we have generously

our lives to your honour and glory

for all we do is not done in isolation

but with others

in the great pattern of life you knit for all humanity


As you know all people, our God

you know there are those who feel useless as they are dependant on others

reassure them they are loved for who they are, not what they can do

help us to include those who feel like this, whether though mental health problems, age or illness

grant them peace

and grant to us the willingness to be with them

and love them, as you love them

We pray, when we do this, they will come and see you shining though us

come and see they are precious in your eyes, Lord God

come and see they are loved beyond their wildest imagining