Approach and confession prayer 30 September 2018

King of Creation

how can we honour you?

How can we praise you?

How can we bless you?

You who have blessed us by placing eternity on our hearts

so we long to understand the pattern of the skies

the movement of the seasons

the passing of the eons

all which you know much better than we can ever hope to comprehend

all which to you are like a thousand years and a thousand years like a moment

for your time is not our time

your ways are not our ways

which is just as well, for we get things wrong

we follow the wrong paths

we can be jealous of other people’s gifting

we fail to cut off all parts of ourselves which cause us, cause others and cause you pain

humbly, we fall at your feet, Gracious God

knowing we have failed you in thought, word and deed

in what we have said and in what we have failed to do

we are truly sorry

remind us, once more, we are forgiven and loved unconditionally through the saving, redeeming love of Christ Jesus

Christ Jesus

your law is prefect

it refreshes our souls

gives joy to the heart

and endures forever

come, through the Holy Spirit, in our worship this day

that our praise and prayers

the preaching we hear and the peace we share

may imbue us with power in your name

to do your will on earth as in heaven

to be servants to each other and to the world

for you, Lord God

are our redeemer, our rock, our salvation

the one we adore