Thanksgiving and intercession 25 July 2021

Gracious God

you are our King

worthy of all our gratitude

worthy of all our gratefulness

for you provide for us

in abundance

you take the little we have

bless it

satisfy us

and there is more left over than we could ever hope for or imagine

assist us to trust in your power,

your abundant blessing

with the simple faith of a child

to offer what we have for the building of your Kingdom

King of Kings

Lord of Lords

Christ Jesus

our saviour

we honour you with our lips

and long to serve you with our lives

help us to do that

we pray

and we thank you that, in the storms of life which rage around us

you come

walking towards us

offering comfort

calming our fears

and safely guiding us to shore

Guiding Spirit

steer us on the Way of the Kingdom

show us those who need their stomachs filled

with the good things you offer

real and spiritual food

expand our hearts to trust we can make a difference

with your blessing

Blessing One

we dedicate to you occupational and physical therapists

bin men and shop workers

farmers and foresters

and all who care for us and this land of ours

Our prayers today, we now pause in the quietness of this place

to offer the places, people and situations which are on our minds and in our hearts today


Lord Jesus Christ

our King and Lord

accept these prayers, spoken and unspoken

offered in faith and trust through your blessed Holy Name