Thanksgiving and intercession prayer 10 May 2018

Lord God of heaven and earth

How we pray that your kingdom will come

on earth as it is in heaven

and we thank you we can pray this way

in this place, safe and secure in the knowledge we are well looked after, our bellies are full, we have clothes on our backs

but how can your kingdom come on earth, where there are those in this land who are not well looked after, who go to bed hungry day after day, whose clothes are worn out

we wonder how our prayers can help with this as there is little we can do any more to help in practical ways those in most need

grant us the willingness to continue to pray

to pray on our waking, on our eating,

to pray for our visitors

to pray for those who look after us

that your kingdom will come on earth as in heaven

that, as we pray, we will pray for one person that day

offering there name, their face to you

knowing you understand their joy, their sorrow, their love, their hurt in ways we never could

praying that they would know your love and saving grace through Christ our Lord

a grace we thank you that we have received and know through our faith

may that grace shape our thoughts, hearts and actions

that your kingdom may come on earth as it is in heaven

today and forevermore