Thanksgiving and intercession prayer 17 August 2017

Lord God

Joseph’s brothers didn’t recognise him, but in his compassion, he revealed himself to them.

We thank you that in your compassion we can recognise you, for you revealed yourself to us in Jesus Christ

May we be compassionate to those who have wronged us in the past, forgive them, love them, as Joseph did his brothers

Jesus our brother

Like Joseph, you were sent ahead of us according to God’s plan that, through your life, death and resurrection, salvation would been given to all

we praise and thank you for going ahead and preparing the way for us

ease our anger when life is not as we would wish

when our minds are sharp, but our bodies fail us

when illness follows us by night and day and we struggle to escape its clutches

we cannot fathom how this fits into your great plan

but teach us to trust in your plan

where your compassion, mercy and love are revealed

Revealing Spirit

throughout the whole of creation, you have been a shaping and guiding force in the world

you revealed God uses the least and most unlikely for God’s purposes

that through them, all people on earth would know God’s deliverance

thank you for including us in God’s plan

reveal to us a little our part in this plan

that we may be the ones who use the little we have to offer to God’s glory

that, God may be revealed to all we encounter through us

Almighty God

The world seems so hard, so angry at the moment

and we do not know what to do

we do not understand how this fits with your plan

perhaps it does not

help us to understand where the world’s plans and your plans intersect

and help us to pray for those plans to work out for your glory

where the world’s plans and yours are at odds

teach us to pray that hearts and minds may be changed

from bitterness and anger

to comfort and calm

from prejudice and rejection

to tolerance and acceptance

from hatred and division

to love and inclusion

that your purpose will be worked out

that all your people may know salvation

that your glory may be revealed