Approach and confession prayer 4 November 2018 version 1

God of the mystery

in rules and regulation we get structure

structure for our lives

structure for the world

it is a framework to build our lives on

setting us free to be the people who long to say

you are our God and we are your people.”

We long to go where you would lead us

whether on easy, gentle paths

or hard, tough climbs

no matter where you would lead us

we know there is no god but you

for the structures of the world

the galaxy

the whole created universe

show your power, your glory, your might

were there no human voice to sing your praise

the rocks would shout with joy

were there no worship in this place

the branches of the trees would make a joyful noise

were there no prayer at this time

birdsong would bring forth supplication

to the one who is our God and we God’s people

there is none like you

none more worthy of our adoration

none more worthy of our love

love which we seek with our whole hearts, souls, minds and bodies this day

longing for a deeper intimacy with our God

whose laws we sometimes fail to follow

we make burdensome rules that make people stumble and fall

we argue over which rules to follow and which only apply to ‘other people’

we fail to love neighbour as ourselves

humbly, we fall at your feet, our God

seeking your forgiveness to be poured out in our lives more and more

longing to listen to the words of Jesus saying “forgive them, Father, for they know not what they do.”

may we know we are forgiven, whether we know or do not know what we do

that we may in worship and service truly show the world we love you, God, with everything we are

Fill us with the Holy Spirit that these words may be true and bound around our hearts, bodies and minds

as a never-ending reminder of who we are and whose we are

Christ’s our Lord’s