Thanksgiving and intercession prayer 12 July 2020

Praise and thanksgiving we bring to God today

for the crops in the fields starting turning yellow

calves and lambs growing fast

soft fruit filling our bellies

and giving off the wonderful smell from jam making

fresh bread and home baking

a “hello” from the neighbour’s children

a wave from stranger

the rain to refresh and fill the burns and water the ground

these are everyday things, help us not to take them for granted and to appreciate them more and more

Abundant God

we are concerned about some things, at the moment

how to include those who feel excluded

the effects lockdown will continue to have on people’s health and livelihoods

those who work in the hospitality industry putting themselves at risk to serve others

policy makers in local, Scottish and UK governments and all those in leadership positions, making decisions. Help them to do the right thing, and be supported in that.

Those in Malawi, where a new government has been elected

Christians in India, often last in line for Covid-19 food and aid because of their faith


Lord, in your mercy

Hear our prayer

Listening One

we know you hear all these, and many other prayers, we make, both spoken and unspoken

they are offered in and through Christ Jesus

who lives and reigns with God the Father and the Holy Spirit

One God

now and always