Approach and confession prayer 13 August 2017

Glory to God on high

give glory to God for he is good

is goodness endures forever

his mercy flows from his throne

as streams of water flowing across the parched land

his justice is like refreshing pools

that brings revival to the deadest of places

Give glory to God for he is good

his love extends from highest heaven to the deepest depths

for all, on heaven and on earth at at his command

the wind and waves obey him

the mountains and hill were shaped by him

nothing, nothing in all of creation is beyond God

for God is good

his mercy, justice and love endure forever

May we call on the name of the Lord this hour

call on the name of the Lord in reverence and fear

in boldness and confidence that all who call on the name of the Lord will be saved

in the boldness and confidence that, though we do not deserve to approach the throne of grace

for we have sinned in thought, word and deed,

against God and against neighbour

through ignorance, in weakness, through our own deliberate actions

we are truly sorry and turn humbly from our sins

Lord God, in your great mercy and love

you sent Jesus Christ to lead us from the darkness of sin to walk in the light as your precious children

ones who call on the name of the Lord, for our salvation

May the Holy Spirit come upon us this hour, to guide our thoughts and minds

to soften our hearts

as we come in worship this day

to hear your word, to sing your praises

to offer our prayers

that we may be transformed to be the people who cast off doubts and follow when Jesus Christ our Lord says “Come”