Thanksgiving and intercession prayer 23 August 2020

May the Lord be exulted in every nation

may praise and thanksgiving be on the lips of those who love God

for the Lord looks kindly on the humble

is close

closer than we sometimes can imagine

holding us, guiding us, protecting us

with a love which endures forever and ever

Eternal One

we are so grateful we can have a personal relationship with you, through Christ Jesus

the Messiah, the Son of the Living God

we pray for those we know

family, friends, neighbours

to come to know Jesus too

we pray for the church in every nation

to be guided to reach out in love

to proclaim Jesus as Lord

in words and actions

we especially pray for the persecuted church

in Algeria, Myanmar, Nigeria among other

may they feel the prayers of the worldwide church supporting them, as they hold to a firm to their faith

Faithful Lord

even as your people turn from you

you remain faithful

and we praise and thank you for your faithfulness

help us to be faithful

and guide others struggling in their faith these days

may your Holy Spirit pour out to refresh the parched land of their souls, we pray

Watering God

may streams of living water course across our land

bringing refreshment



may it be rivers of justice and righteousness

in a world hurting

for people struggling

to hold those in power to account

help us to trust in your plan and mercy, Lord God

that you are in charge

you are in control

and for that, we offer you our praise and thanksgiving

As we bring our prayers to you, Our Saviour and King

we offer the people, places and situations which are on our hearts today, in a few moments of quiet


In your mercy, grace and love

accept these prayers

offered in humility and love

through Christ our Lord

Son of the Living God

the Messiah