Approach and confession prayer 1 May 2022

The eons of time

sit in the palm of God’s hands

those same hands

threw stars into space

carry wounds from the cross

wounds of love

across the eons

how wonderful

how marvellous

is the Lord

who we gather to worship

to hear the Lord’s voice

to bring our fears,

our hopes

our pain

our joy

in prayer and song

placing each at the feet of the one

who walked among us

Bringing healing




How we praise you, our Lord

our God

Father, Son, Spirit

how we reflect on our lives

with all the wrongs we’ve committed

on our own

in being swept along by social forces

rather than following

our Saviour

Jesus Christ

even in our fear and trepidation

even where we’ve headed down the wrong path

knowing you will guide us back onto The Way

and forgive all our sins