It is night

It is night

sunset came some hours ago

doors closed to keep out the dark

fires were lit

the last of the preparations were made

to protect the world from the darkness


it is night

but not all are at home

they keep watch on those they are entrusted with

keeping them safe from that which would cause them harm

darkness is a dread, what does it bring?

But danger lurking in the shadows


it is night

and a homeless couple are far from home, removed from those they love

they seek shelter from the darkness

the darkness of the world

where there is no room for them

no room for them

nor the child she carries


it is night

and the watchers of sheep

are met with heavenly light

it hurts their eyes

the song, the glorious angels’ song, fills their ears

their hearts are filled with joy and wonder

in the darkness the seek the light of the world


it is night

and we keep watch

in the darkness

in the fear

in the hurt

in the pain

we watch and wait

as others have before us

as others will after us

for the light of the world in our midst

for Christ Jesus

to come into this darkness

of this night