Thanksgiving and intercession 3 June 2018

Lord God Almighty

We bring you our praise for the wonders you have made

advances in science and technology which barely seemed imaginable a generation ago

it’s possible to find out information from throughout the world with the touch of a button or the sound of a voice

but the advance has come at a cost

our communities are fractured

our young people feel isolated as never before

our farmers struggle with increasingly variable weather patterns

our land, Lord God, desperately needs to hear your voice,

to be given a vision of hope and a future

come, into our world

as you did time and time again before

come, speak your Word of Life into our communities

breath your love into our young people

imbue in all people a care for creation

Creating God

we praise you for the creative arts

painting, sculpture, photography, drama, dance, music

to name a few

they expand our minds

they challenge our understanding

they speak with passion

with a prophetic voice showing and saying how the world is and how the world can be

assist us to value those who create

to support their work in prayer and financially

that they and we may continue to find joy and challenge in the work of their hands

work which is from you, Lord God

Compassionate God

we praise and thank you for those who tell us uncomfortable truths, as Samuel did to Eli

may we realise more and more your word of reproach is for our good, to encourage us to see beyond own selfish desires and to look to bring about your glory and love

in this church

in our communities

in your world

Calling Christ

we praise you that you have called each one of us to follow you, to place our lives before you, to love you most of al

we thank you for all who have responded to your call of to specific service for your kingdom

as ministers, elders, deacons, missionaries, teachers, preachers, prophets

may we uphold them in prayer this day and each day

we ask they may be encouraged in their service and empowered to say the truths your people need to hear, even when they are uncomfortable

we also pray more people will listen to your voice speaking to them

calling to them to love you, Lord God

and love neighbour as self

for there is no higher calling in your service

Heavenly God

Father, Son and Holy Spirit

whose name we praise and honour

whose voice we long to listen to

through Christ our Lord