Thanksgiving and intercession prayer 5 July 2020

Give thanks to God

for God is good

God’s compassion is eternal

it is like the the peak of Ben Wyvis

time move on

people come and go

society changes beyond recognition

yet the mountain stands firm

give thanks to God

for those who have kept us safe these past months

for those who are in leadership, making hard decisions

for the sound of children playing in our streets

for enforced slowing down

for appreciating what’s on our doorstep

we give God thanks and praise

for the chance to do good

for those sacrifices made

for families reconnected

we give God thanks and praise

for these, and a hundred thousand other things

we give God thanks and praise

Lord God

mixed with our thanks and praise

are hurt and pain and sorrow

for ourselves

for others

for your world

for the loss of things and people we hold dear

for those anxious about returning to work

for those discovering there is no work for them to return to

for the silencing of the bird song

for school pupils moving up and moving on, without the usual rituals

for new graduates, whose plans are lie in tatters on the floor

hear our prayers

and, in a few moments of quiet

we bring those people, places and situations which lie on our hearts today


Lord God

accept these our prayer, spoken and unspoken

offered through Christ Jesus