Approach and confession prayer 1 December 2019

Wake up, my people, says the Lord

Wake up from your slumber and turn to my ways!

Salvation is near

Very near

so near we can almost touch it

Wake up! God cries to us

as we gather in this place

wake up! Jesus says to us

as we come to worship the blessed trinity

Wake up! The Holy Spirit whispers to us

as she stirs our slumber into action

for the kingdom of God

Wake up! Says God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit

Wake up and worship in spirit and in truth

Wake up and ascend my mountain, says God

a mountain where all the nations will come

will come and know God’s ways

will come and walk the paths of Jesus

Wake up

Wake up

Wake up

God wake us up, that our worship and our service are acceptable in your sight

that we may walk in your light

that we may know and proclaim your salvation

Salvation which is near

so, so near

we know it

we can understand it

through Jesus Christ our Lord

Christ Jesus

stir our hearts and minds this Advent season

wake us up to the possibilities of your kingdom

and all the ways your promise can touch our lives

and the lives of others

turn us from our slumber, of failing to proclaim your good news in the street

of failing to seek justice for the oppressed

of failing to lead others to your holy temple

turn us around, this Advent

that our ways may be your ways,

our thoughts, your thoughts

so all the nations may know Salvation is near

nearer even than when we first believer

make us fully awake and active to your will this Advent

through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit