Thanksgiving and intercession prayer 11 March 2018

Lord God

How can we thank you for all you have done for us?

There is so much we sometimes loose sight of the small things which matter so much

watching children play in puddles

seeing the signs of new life breaking forth from branch and soil

noticing the warm smile of the stranger in the shop

may we each day try to see the kindness, beauty and love in the ordinary and everyday of our lives

and give thanks to you with grateful and contrite hearts

With sadness, we recall before you those who cannot see such small things as these as worthy of thanks

their hearts have been hardened through a constant battle to make ends met and failing

their hearts have been hardened by seeing the poorest and most vulnerable in our society suffer from austerity the most

their hearts have been hardened because they are constantly criticised

Lord God

in your infinite goodness, faithfulness and graciousness come to all whose hearts are hardened

soften them that they may be open to your love

and make us go to those in this church, our neighbours, our friends

and the communities in which we live

to make a difference to those who we know are struggling

those whose hearts are becoming hardened

Lord God

we praise and thank you we are your handiwork,

made good in your image

to reflect your love into your world

through your goodness, faithfulness, graciousness

may our faith be enriched that we may go to do good works in Christ

assist us to show others they are good

for all people are made good in the image of God

all people are fundamentally good

loved and cherished by others, by their families

by their friends, by God

We know there are many people, especially young people in our land, who do not feel loved or cherished by anyone

we grieve they feel this way

we cry out to your Lord God to help us to show them how much they are loved, cherished, important

to us, to those who love them, to you our God, their God


Christ Jesus

we praise and thank you that when we look to you, we may live

give us strength and courage to no matter what the world throws at us, no matter what others say or do against us

to trust in the love of God revealed through the cross of Christ

and to know through it we all shall live