Thanksgiving and intercession prayer 20 January 2019

Banqueting King

the great banquets of the bible are places where all are invited to eat and drink without cost

no matter who they are

no matter what they had done

there is unity

there is joy

there is abundance

there is love

in that image

is that why the first sign was at a wedding

a feast where all in the community were invited

a feast where everyone enjoyed themselves so much they ran out of wine?

There, wedding guest

our Banqueting King

you heard the plea of your mother

and gave the best

the very best of wine

in astonishing abundance

what a sign that was

a sign of what the kingdom of God is like

where there is a great feast where all are welcome to eat and drink

a place where pleas for help are heard

Here, today, we bring you our pleas

for those racked with hunger

for those in pain

for those who commit acts of terror

for those who govern

for our neighbours

for our families

for our friends

for our health

for our nation

for the world


we offer all these situations simply before you

in faith and trust that those affected and those who can help will listen to you

as the servants at the wedding feast did

All this we pray in and through Jesus Christ