Closing prayer 25 December 2021

God the Father

we are so grateful you love us so much

you sent


your Son to us

God the Son


we thank you for coming and living with us

in trusting Mary and Joseph to hold and care for God in their hands

we thank you for time with those we love

for presents shared

cards received

food we’ll eat

may all our celebrations this Christmas be filled with the deep joy of knowing love beyond all measure

Immeasurable Love

we thank you for love

for family and friends

our siblings in Christ Jesus

communities working together for the greater good

we thank you for support teachers, who worked hard behind the scenes to ensure the poorest pupils in their schools got something for Christmas this year

we thank you for the volunteers who will cook hot meals for people who are homeless throughout our land this Christmas

we thank you for gritter drivers, making sure our roads are clear and safe for us, and our loved ones, to travel on

we thank you for care workers, celebrating Christmas with those in care homes

we thank you for firefighters, ambulance personnel, hospital staff, police officers

and many more who’ll work through Christmas

for the immeasurable gift which has been given to us

and the whole world

which is Jesus

thank you, God

Father, Son, Spirit

thank you