Spill the beans Balancing Power intercession

O Most High God

we give you our thanks for all your good deeds

which you have done in creation, in the world, in our lives, in the lives in those around us.

Our hearts are filled with gladness, that words do not seem adequate, for they limit our gratitude.

So, we pause to meditate on all your glorious gifts

in creation


in the bounty of our country


in the blessing of friends and family


in your love shown to us through Jesus Christ


Ruling Lord

you sit enthroned as king of the universe

listening to the petitions of your people

judging with fairness, mercy and love

hear us now, as we offer our prayers for others and the world

those who are ill, are worried, and filled with sadness


Those who work for peace, in places where peace seems impossible


upholders of the law in this country and beyond.


parents and grandparents, and all who look after children during the school holidays


those who work in foodbanks, seeing an ever rising demand


managers and bosses, that they will be good and fair employers


and all those who strive to make your kingdom known throughout your world

[silence] Amen

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