Approach and confession prayer 21 November 2021

Ancient of Days

Holy One

God and Father

you take your place

on the throne of grace

we struggle to look upon you

so dazzling white are your robes

your hair

with a river of fire flowing from the flaming throne

surrounded by saints

cherubim and seraphim

worshipping in a eternal hymn of praise

we come also

to gather at that blazing seat

the place of authority

where the kingship of the whole universe rests

in awe and wonder we bow

dazed by the light

the sound

the smell

offering that little we have

before the One who is the Son of Man

seated with the Ancient of Days

ruler of the kingdom which will never be destroyed

may the burning fire

emanating from the throne

purge us this day

removed the dross

and make us fit and worthy

to worship in spirit and in truth this day

All this we pray in and through the One who is the Son of Man

our true king

Christ Jesus