Intercession Prayer 25 October 2015

There is so much we wish to say, Lord God

So much for us to be thankful for

So many in need of prayer, in need of your love

But where to begin? Where to start, God?

We give thanks for those sitting around us this day

those to our left and those to our right

those to in front of us and those behind

Many are here week after week, year after year

Some are new to this place, seeking your presence

Some are visiting, for their own reasons

Together, we are your church in this place.

We remember those not in our sight this day, who are also part of this church

those on holiday or away visiting friends and relatives

Those where their own ill health, or the ill health of a loved one, prevents them from coming here

We give thanks for our neighbours.

Some may have recently moved in, some have been there for years.

Some we never see, they are too busy or keep themselves to themselves

May we be good neighbours to them.

Offering care, love, grace where we can

being willing to ask what they would like us to do for them.

And may we see that behind closed doors, they have the same worries and concerns, same joy and happiness for their lives, for their families, for the world, as we do.

Looking Father

you saw a world which dearly needed to know your love, so you came, as one of us, to show the way

we give thanks you are a personal God, willing to draw alongside us, to listen to us, to open our eyes to see the world as it can be, as it should be

to see our lives as they can be, as they should be

we give thanks for those around us who show us the world in new and different ways

children, strangers, visitors

they do not know our customs, they do not take things for granted.

May we be open to viewing the world through the lens which they lift to our eyes.

Sight giving Christ

we give thanks for all who literally bring sight to the blind, opticians and ophthalmic surgeons

those who work to care for and support those suffering from sight lose, including the RNIB and Guide Dogs for the Blind

Raise our sights to see your love in action through these people and organisations

Raise our sights to see your kingdom bursting forth all around us

Raise our sights to see we can cast off our cloaks and follow our Lord, our Saviour, Jesus Christ

in whose name all our prayers, spoken and written on our hearts are offered.