Approach and confession prayer 19 January 2020

Kings stand before the majesty of God’s presence

Princes see the Lord and bow down

for when they know God, the maker and shaper of the Universe

they know their wealth, their power, their influence is naught

we too gather in the presence of God

in humbleness and modesty

in awe and wonder that the King of all Creation

loves us enough to come to us

to invite us, even us, to come and see

come and see Jesus

come and see his power, his wisdom, his grace, his love

What love is this, that we are invited to be part of revealing this good news to the world?

Even us?

We are not rich or powerful.

We have little we can offer the world, but ourselves

yet we hear your voice calling to us, Christ Jesus

calling, come and see.

How we long to see.

To see your face shine upon us

to see your kingdom come, truly be here

where your splendour lights up the nations

where hymns of praise are sung by every nation

by plants and trees

where even the waves raise an aria for the one who separated the waters from the land


Gathering One

Gather us to you

so our hearts, souls and minds would be filled with your spirit

enriched in every way

to bring you honour and glory in our adoration


Lord God

you are the one who should receive all our adoration

but we realise there are times where we have not done this

we see others struggling and turn our backs,rather than helping hands from their miry pits

we focus on how little we have, rather than the abundance you give us and your church each and every day

we hear your voice saying “come and see,” and we find excuses to not follow as you call


for these, and the other ways we have failed you, Lord God, we are truly sorry.

Before this congregation, we admit we have failed other and you, and humbly seek your forgiveness


May we know the forgiveness God offers us this day, through Christ Jesus, our Lord and King