Stewardship time open 24 April 2016

Lord God

Maker and shaper of time itself

the size and form of the planets, the galaxies, the universe are there according to your will

they are in perfect balance, by the laws of creation you put in place at the beginning of everything

for you are our source, our true being

all we have is from and through your will

all we have is from and through your need to express your very being, love

We bow, in awe at your feet

wishing to waste time with you

wishing to be with you and to grow in faith and discipleship, as we come to worship you this hour

Come, be with us, as we offer our prayers and our voices to your praise and adoration

a sound which echoes through the millennia

in your people, in the song of the birds, the blossom of a tree

may all we offer in this moment, in this time together, be pleasing and acceptable in your sight, Lord God

may it waft up to heaven and blend with the angels and saints in a never ending hymn of praise

may it connect with your church throughout this land and your world

that each hour this day, your church comes to worship and praise your holy name

Christ our King

though we wish to be at your feet and focus our time on you

there are so many things which cause our minds to drift off to other things

thinking about what we may feed our visitors for lunch

wondering how our relative is doing in hospital

concerned about our health

waiting for results

you understand we are easily distracted, don’t you Jesus?

You know we all worry about things, get worked up by stuff,

especially that which affects those we love

calm our minds, reassure us and remind us once more of your forgiving love

which you showed to us in your life, death and resurrection