Thanksgiving and intercession prayer 26 February 2023

All the faithful pray to you,

Lord God

pray to you

in the security of knowing

you are our hiding place

protector in times of trouble

who surrounds us with songs of deliverance

praise be to you, Lord God

King of the Universe

we may have this assurance of your care

for us, even us

may thanksgiving ever be in our hearts and minds

for this blessing we have

Blessing One

gratitude, deep gratitude we offer

that though we stray from what you would teach us

you have redeemed us in and through Christ Jesus

the One who brings everlasting life

and the gift of grace for us all

what gift this is

one we can not truly repay

but we seek, this Lent, to more deeply follow your counsel, your Path, your Way

to your honour and glory

Glorious Christ

in your life, you showed humanity the perfect Way

fully trusting in God the Father

resisting the temptations of power and corruption

being righteous, that we may become righteousness too

our thank you, barely seems adequate

know it is sincere and heartfelt

in response to the gifts we’ve received

assist us to be the gift the our families, communities, world needs

as we continue our prayers in offering our prayers for others and the world

Christ our Lord

hear our prayers

for those in positions of power and influence

that they may use their positions for the good of society

for those who seek high office

that they may do so for the good of others at in heart of hearts

and their campaign may be honest and compassionate

for those who need bread and sustainable

that their bellies may be filled

for farmers facing rising costs and unusual weather

that they may be supported and affirmed

for carers, paid and unpaid

that they may be valued

for war mungers

that their hearts may be melted to seek peace

for all who speak out against corruption

that a just and fair society may reign

throughout the earth

so your kingdom may truly come, Lord God

your will truly be done

now and always