Thanksgiving and intercession 16 October 2016

Merciful Father

We thank you for the promises you have made to us

both as a community of faith and as individuals

promises that you are our God and we are your people

promises to prosper us and not to harm us

promises of life in all it fullness

promises of forgiveness of sin

We bless and praise you for these and all the ways you bless our lives

in the work of caring professionals

in the love of family and friends

in the abundance we know in our lives

Remind us not only to thank you for these blessings, but also the people we receive them from

that they may know our appreciation of all they do for and in our lives

We pray for those who feel no one cares for them.

Those struggling with loneliness and isolation, going days on end seeing and hearing from no one

those suffering from depression, where it can be so hard to cope with facing the world

those being cared for in hospitals, in care homes, in their own homes

bless them all with your healing touch, Lord God

and guide the work of those who help to elevate pain and suffering, in body, mind and soul

Justice Giving God

we thank you for the ways justice is administered in our land

through the police service, law courts, judges, procurator fiscals

Guide their work, their decisions, their conduct, that justice is upheld with integrity, honesty and compassion

We recall before you, Lord God, places and situations where justice is a distant dream

were corruption is rife,

and the mechanism of upholding justice is loaded in favour of the influential

Soften the hearts of those unjust administrators of justice, that they will have compassion on those who plead day after day to them.

And be with those who seek justice, grant them courage to never give up

for you know their seeking, their pleading and you will ensure justice will prevail throughout your world

Christ our King

receive these prayers, made in faith and trust you hear each one and are present in each situation.