Approach and confession prayer 31 May 2020

Look around

See the amazing works of the Lord

in the sparrow and blackbird collecting worms in our gardens

to the mighty Ben Wyvis still kissed with snow

the large and the small

the fleeting and the constant

Look around

see the amazing works of the Lord

in you.

Yes, you

made in God’s image

loved beyond measure

called to be that love and image in the world

Look around

see the amazing works of the Lord

sending forth the Holy Spirit

upon the first disciples

and every follower of Christ since that first glorious Pentecost day

enabling people to do things they could never imagine in and through the love of Christ in them

Look around

see the amazing works of the Lord

like flames of fire touching you and I

putting a fire in our belly

to be God’s people

as we worship from my home to yours

as we go through this week

may all we say and do

may all the encounters we make, physically and virtual

show we are fired up by love

show we know the Spirit is with us always

As we look around

seeing the amazing works of the Lord

we look upon ourselves

realising there are times where we have not followed the spirit’s prompting, and gone our own way

realising we have failed to follow the lockdown rules, placing our own needs and desires before that of others

realising we’ve not loved as we could or should

for these, and a million other ways we have let you down, Lord God, we are truly sorry.

In the power of the Holy Spirit and the love of Christ

may you know you are forgiven of all your sins

and set free to follow the spirit’s guiding love

which sets all people, including you and I, free