Thanksgiving and intercession prayer 10 June 2018

Heavenly God

for the wondrous beauty of this place

we give you our thanks

for the fellowship we share with one another

we give you our thanks

for being our true King

we give you our thanks

it is like a song wanting to burst forth from our hearts

in love and praise and thanks to the one who made us, called us, shaped us, loves us

though a King

though in charge

though the true Ruler of all in heaven and on earth

especially where you came to us

in Christ Jesus, your Son, our Lord

to teach us the way of love

to walk the path of faith

to journey the road of life

as brothers and sisters

with Christ, with one another in this church

with all Christians in all churches across this land and throughout the world

what a family we have, what a joy to know we belong, we are loved, cherished, children of the Most High

thank you, Almighty King

bless your whole church to truly be family to one another

and to love our neighbours as ourselves

our hearts break to know we have brothers and sisters who cannot worship this day

for they fear for their lives for professing you as their true King

for they are struggling with pain in body, mind or spirit

for they are grieving the loss of a loved one

for a disability prevents access to many church buildings

may your love surround them

may they be upheld knowing their brothers and sister in Christ remember them in prayer this and everyday

and challenge us, and your whole church, through the guiding of the Holy Spirit to find ways to include more of our brothers and sisters in worship

that they may deepen their faith, hope and love in their King

and we can catch a glimpse of the wonder and glory of the diversity of the Family of Christ

Which we praise and thank you for

we also thank you for our own families

near or far

young and old

they enrich our lives

give meaning, purpose

warmth and love

remind us to thank them for their love, to appreciate them, to show our love

in spending time with them

in listening to them

in being with them

following the example Jesus showed

we recall those who have no family

lost to war, famine, illness

those who long hopelessly for a child of their own

those who pushed family away through abuse of them or self

restore them to know love, Lord God

your peace and love which passes all understanding

through Christ our King we pray