Approach and confession prayer 7 March 2021

Look to the sky

the sun, the stars, the moon

even the occasional dance of aurora

declare the glory of God

no words they speak

yet their voice surrounds the earth

saying “behold the Lord God, creator of heave and earth. See God’s glory.”

the glory which is revealed to us each day and every night

calling to us to respond

in awe, in wonder, in worship

as we gather this day

we behold the glory of God

who came and lived among us

whose temple was not made of stone and wood

but flesh and blood

the glory of God

is our saviour

Christ Jesus

who we adore

who we love

who we long to love more

so come

let us worship the Lord God

bringing our offering to lay at the altar of grace

laying our burdens down at the feet of the Lamb

confessing before God

that we have sinned

by our own thoughts and deeds

in company with others

in what we have said and done

and in that which we have failed to do

Christ Jesus

we know we cannot fully discern our errors

we ask you forgive our hidden faults

and remove all our wilful sins that they may not rule over us

set us free

that we may become blameless

innocent of great transgression

through our Rock and Redeemer, we pray