Approach and confession prayer 8 August 2021

Extol the Lord always

Praise God

with hearts, and songs, and voices

rejoice, those who are afflicted

let us worship the Lord together

and glorify God’s name

take refuge in the One who saves

and be blessed

be saved from trouble

be filled with good things

offered in abundance

look to the Lord

look, and be filled with the Light of God

shining in the darkness

the Light which the darkness has never overcome

look, see the Lord comes to us

offers to all who believe eternal life

through the One sent from heaven

the bread of Life

Christ Jesus

bringing life for us

and the whole world

generously offering himself to us

seeking us

finding us

saving us

and loving us back to wholeness

Life Giving One

we know our lives are incomplete without you

we know without you at the core of all we do

we seek fulfilment in the pleasures of the world

rather than the generously of your love

we wait for the Lord, placing our hope in you

seeking, once again this day, your forgiveness

of all our sins

in the knowledge of that forgiveness, may we, in reverence and fear, serve you all the days of our lives

in and through our faith in the living bread of life

Christ Jesus