Approach and confession prayer 18 November 2018

Holy God

Perfect God

Almighty God

with confidence we come before you this day

approaching directly the throne of grace

to worship you

to bring our selves to you in prayer and petition

to encounter your greatness in the Word we will hear from scripture

may our adoration be inspired by the Holy Spirit

that we may truly magnify your Holy Name now and all the days of our lives

for all good thing in our lives are from you

faith in the living Christ Jesus

hope for your kingdom to come

love, unconditional love, you offer each and every one of us

we delight in your Lord God

we delight to know you

to praise you

to give ourselves to you

may our tongues rejoice this day, ever telling of the wondrous things of God

may they burst forth, joyfully telling all of the love we have for God

who in Christ, gives us a great High Priest

who offers to cleanse our guilty consciences and wash our bodies in pure water

In a moment of quiet, let us offer before God all the times this week we have fallen short of God’s glory


Once again, that all you sins, all you wrongdoings are taken away

you are God’s in Christ

called to love God and love others

with all

as Christ Jesus showed and taught