Opening prayer 5 March 2017

Lord God

Heavenly Father

Everlasting Glory shines from your throne

Shines as the light which illuminates our world, our lives

shines as the light incarnate, Jesus Christ, our Lord

bringing life and love in all its fullness and wonder to us, to our neighbours, to the life of the whole universe

There is nothing, nothing in all the earth which can separate us from your light giving glory, Lord God

for it is reflected in and through us

Shine once more into our hearts, minds and lives

shine into our worship together

that in our praise and prayers

in our mediation on your world

we may be enveloped with your light

and your light will shine from us,

that all may see your glory

mirrored in our actions, our words

Christ our King

we wish to follow you

to be the light for the world you call us to be

but time and time again we fall short of the standard of living you set for us

we get caught up in our own problems and worries that we forget to offer them to you in prayer

we get caught up in seeing others as different to us, we forget they too are bearers of God’s image

we get caught up in the negativity of the news, local, national and international, we forget to count the many, many ways in which we are blessed

Jesus, our Lord

we are truly sorry for these and the many other ways we have failed to follow you

in humility and love, we turn to you,

knowing we are forgiven and set free to be your disciples in this place