Opening prayer 28 August 2016

Everlasting King

from the birth of creation, to the end of the universe

you are constant, unwavering, abiding God

the one above and beyond all things

the one who sees eternity

the one who holds each one of us in the palm of your hand

we are amazed by this, amazed and awestruck

that you invite us to come before you

to offer our praise and thanksgiving

in this time, in this place

along with all our brothers and sisters in Christ

we bow in worship at your presence

blending our voices through the generations

and with the angels and saints in heaven and on earth

in a constant hymn of love and devotion

may all we say, hear, think and experience this hour be pleasing in your sight, Lord God

the one we love, for our love comes from you and you alone


Lord God

we come as broken, flawed people

people who have strayed from your path

people who have sometimes placed themselves above others

people who have sometimes offered hospitality only to those who would reciprocate

people who have sometimes been misers with our money, rather than giving generously to those in need and for you, Lord God

people who have sometimes judged those in prison, rather than visiting them.

For these, and all the other ways we have failed you, Lord God, we are truly sorry and turn to you

who places us in the place of honour

as we are forgiven and called your beloved children, in and through Jesus Christ our Lord