Approach and confession prayer 5 August 2018

Wonderful Saviour





How can we name God?

God who has known us since before we were born

God who has loved us unconditionally all our lives

God who studied the night canopy with pin pricks of light

God who moulded planets

God who set the moon in its course

is the same God we come to worship this hour

the same God who longs for us to know love from our creator

the same God who offers to cleanse us with hyssop

to make us whiter than snow

that we may be set free off all our iniquity

all which gets in the way of true worship of God

true love of self

true love of others

Humbly, Lord God almighty, we bow

we bow in your presence

overawed in knowing we are forgiven, loved and called by you to be your holy people in this place

may the Holy Spirit sweep through us this day

with comfort, with challenge, with your presence

that our worship may be acceptable in your sight, our King

that our praise and prayer may waft into heaven to blend with the saints and angels

in the never ending worship of the one who loves us without condition

who knows us completely

and who understands us totally

through Jesus Christ, we pray