Thanksgiving and intercession prayer 16 August 2020

Great and powerful God

as we worship together

we are united to one another

what a blessing this is

knowing we gather with people from Canada, Australia, the UK

connected in ways we could never have imagined 6 months ago

thank you Lord God for the blessing this gives us

connected to our siblings in Christ

through the power of the Holy Spirit speaking to us through the internet

Connecting Christ

we are connected to you

as branches on a vine

we thank you we may be fruitful for your kingdom

and that you judge by what is in a person’s heart

and not by appearances

give us vision to see the kingdom as you would

were all truly are welcome

whether disabled





drug addict

teenage mother


the list could go on and on

where others bring challenge to our ideas

help us to learn

where others challenge our prejudices

help us to change our attitudes

where others challenge our privilege

help us to listen

Listening One

This week we recall those killed and injured in the train derailment

those who have received exam results

those whose businesses face uncertainty again, in Aberdeen and elsewhere

those who are ill

those who are dying

those who mourn

and all those who work to protect us all


Christ Jesus

as you listened to the mother, wanting healing for her daughter

listen as we offer the prayers which are on our hearts for ourselves, others and the world this day


accept these all these prayers

spoken and unspoken

offered in faith and trust