Thanksgiving and intercession prayer 9 December 2018

Holy Lord

with grateful and contrite hearts we come to you with our prayer of thanks and concern for others and the world

we offer them with the trust and openness of children, knowing you hear each one

We thank you for the mercy shown to us all the days of our lives

in our nurturing from birth

in the deepening of our faith

in the growing of our selves

to be more and more in your image

more and more reflective of your love into the world

may our actions, even the very small ones

point to you and your saving grace

Grace giving King

we thank you for your patience with us and all your people

patience that, in time, all may hear and know the good news of the gospel

patience that prepares the way, the ground, for us to get ready to embrace Jesus Christ anew in our lives

patience to let us make mistakes, to drift from your path, yet gently and lovingly drawing us back to your gracious, loving ways

grant us patience to wait, though that is hard

to wait on the time when the world will be restored to how it should be

where your will true is done on earth as in heaven

we bring before you those for whom patience is hard

those waiting for operations and other treatments

those waiting for an answer to their prayer

those waiting to find out what the future holds

grant them patience and endurance

and may their waiting not be delayed more than necessary, so they may find peace

Covenant keeping God

we thank you that your promises throughout the ages, are true

grant us the patience to wait for them to be fulfilled in your time and not ours

All this we pray, through Christ, whom we wait upon