Opening prayer 14 May 2017

Praise be to the Lord

the Almighty, the King of Creation

Praise be to the Lord

in whom, through whom, with whom

all on heaven and earth

all in the world as it is

all in the world as it will be

has its source

its life

its essence

The mighty wonders of the world are at the Lord’s command

as are the small things

there is nothing, nothing, in all of creation, which is not part of God’s good creation

Lord God

we have looked around in wonder these past weeks

as the bare earth becomes lush and green

as the denuded trees revel in their crown of leaves

as we are lifted in our spirits by the warmth of the sun

These are some, just some, of the reasons we come in reverence to worship you this hour

to bow in your house, at your feet

knowing as the sun in the sky lifts our spirits

your Son lifts us from your feet

embraces us in his love

and grants to us, once more, the comfort of knowing the forgiveness we have through him

Lord God

Open our eyes to see our truth

the truth of sin forgiven

our sin

our neighbour’s sin

our enemy’s sin

open our hearts to welcome that truth

into our lives

and to forgive others as we have been forgiven

that in so doing, we may bring you glory, honour and praise

in our prayers, our hymns, our meditation on your word

this hour, this day and all the day of our lives