Thanksgiving and intercession prayer 30 July 2017

It is a joy to be part of your kingdom, Lord God

A kingdom which is sometimes hidden

but like yeast leavening bread, rises slowly through the whole of your world

We praise and thank you for calling us to be the yeast in this land

Changing the lives of those around us

through your presence with us

may we use this gift you give us to your glory and honour


It is a joy to be part of your kingdom, Christ Jesus

In years past, seeds were sown in our hearts, watered and nourished by you, through scripture, prayer and encounters with others

Now, we pray the seeds sown, small as mustard

may flourish into a welcoming tree of life

where all may find shelter


a place of safety for their young

something to eat

not only for their spiritual needs, but physical too


It is a joy to be part of your kingdom, Empowering Holy Spirit

you enliven us, with your presence

transform us, we pray, to be willing to do outrageous things to seek the treasure of your kingdom

treasure which is hidden in the depths of human hearts, you call us to unlock

the treasure of being included in a community

the treasure of generous giving

the treasure of being loved unconditionally

these are the signs of your kingdom, Heavenly King

your kingdom which is not revealed in power or might or strength

but in weakness, humbleness, patience, kindness, love

May we be kingdom people

willing to grow for you

willing to gather for you

willing to give all for you

that all the earth may sing your praise

as your justice prevails

as creation is cared for

as hostility is changed to peace

as despair is changed to hope

as hate is transformed to love

Remind us, Lord God

of your purpose for us

in all we say and do

grant us courage and endurance

that we may be the people who show our joy that we part of your kingdom

and those we meet with feel and want to be part of that joy