Lord, who is it?

The disciples and Jesus.

Together, sharing a meal with one another.

They’d done this so many times before.

Eaten, talked, listened.

Tonight was different.

Ever since Jesus’ coming into Jerusalem there has been a change.

In the disciples and in Jesus

The disciples know something significant is going to happen.

The time is right, it is passover. That time where they remember God’s saving, redemptive power.

The time is right for the Messiah, the Christ to come into his glory

So the disciples are watching all Jesus does, seeing how he will come into his glory.

Surely the 13 of them want the same thing, for God’s people to be free.

But at this meal Jesus is telling the disciples one of them, one of the 12, will betray him.

What does he mean?

Why would any of them betray Jesus, betray the Messiah, the Christ?

That doesn’t make sense.

Lord, who is it?”

The question asked by the disciples closest to Jesus

Lord, who is it?”

Who is it that would betray you?

Who is it that would not go with you to the end, where you enter your glory?

All of the disciples, all of them would go wherever Jesus leads.

None of them would betray him, would they?

Lord, who is it?”

The one who I give this piece of bread to” Jesus replies

But they are all eating from the common dish, all sharing the same bread.

It could be any one of them.

Yet that piece of bread, that broken bread, is given to Judas.

Did any of the other disciples see what had happened?

Did they see Jesus give Judas a sign to do what was needed?

That the Messiah, the Son of Man would be handed over to be crucified.

Handed over to die.

This was what Jesus had been telling the disciples for a long time.

Maybe Judas was the only one who realised how hard the path of following Jesus really is