Thanksgiving and intercession prayer 9 September 2018

We give thanks to you, Creator

for the life we have

for the people around us

for the love we know

of friend


of You

who has been with us through all our lives

listening to us

being with us

loving us, even in those times where do could not love ourselves

for all this, and more, we give you our thanks and praise, Creator


We give thanks to you, Redeemer

for giving us ears to hear your Word

for giving us lips to proclaim your good news

for giving us faith in the living One of God

for all those, and more, we give you our thanks and praise, Redeemer


We give thanks to you, Sustainer

that when we think we cannot go on

for life has become too painful, too tiring, too long

you come along side us

in your presence moving within us

and in pilgrims on the way, walking alongside us

whispering gentle words of encouragement

guiding us ever onwards on the path of discipleship


Creator, Redeemer, Sustainer

One God, Holy Trinity

we recall those who need your presence this day

those whose hearts are heavy

those whose lives are wracked with pain

those who no one listens to

those who no one wants to hear

those who no one wants to see

those who no one wants to even share a crumb of bread with

Blessed Trinity

send your love and grace, peace and mercy into their lives

and into our lives, that we may pray earnestly for them and

listen to those who have found their voice

hear those who challenge our ideas

see those who are ignored

share food with those who long for fellowship and sustenance

all through the love we know revealed through Jesus Christ